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About Me

Born of European heritage (half Swiss, half Belgian), I have grown up travelling the world with an American-style education.  Initially following my parents (working in international hotel chains), I naturally followed in those footsteps and have continued travelling ever since.


Every country, culture, and language I discovered has been extremely gratifying and enriching.  I have learned immensely through these experiences and am eager for how much more can come.


This website summarizes the highlights of both Personal & Professional profile.  


If any elements of my profile are of interest for possible collaboration, work, or to openly discuss don’t hesitate to use the contact form or you can click here.

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Born: 1980's

Ethinicity: Belgian / Swiss

Languages: EN - FR - ES

Education level: MBA

Continuing Studies: Post-Graduate Innovation & Strategy

Sports: Running - Diving - Snowboard

Hobbies:  Writing - Cultural Activities

Current Country

Antibes / Sophia Antipolis, FRANCE


Previously Lived

  • Sydney, AUSTRALIA
  • Koh Tao, THAILAND
  • Dakar, SENEGAL
  • Bruxelles, BELGIUM
  • Puebla, MEXICO
  • Sophia Antipolis, FRANCE
  • Moscow, RUSSIA
  • Banjul, Gambia
  • Lusaka, ZAMBIA
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