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MBA Thesis on ICT Risk Management

Title: The challenges of optimizing business value of IT:  How ITPM can be a strategic differentiator [2007]


Abstract: The competitive edge that information technology (IT) can provide is something that no company can ignore today. Although it is still a relatively new tool, it has proven to provide numerous benefits to companies by providing clearer and more concise information to the decision makers.  This research, based on numerous surveys, indicated that there were four factors that executives perceived as threats to the survival of their companies: competitiveness, flexibility, cost-efficiency, and finally governance.  In each case IT was tentatively used as a strategic tool to address the threats.  However, other research indicated that there was a prevalence of poor IT investments, which was characterized by an inconsistent investment selection method, wasted resources, a lack of overview on their IT investments, inadequate regulation, and underestimation of total costs


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Bacheror Thesis on IT and Economic Developement

Title: Can Developing Countries Benefit From Information and Communication Technologies in Their Development? [2005]


Abstract: Thesis demonstrates how ICT can be beneficial to a developing country’s development.  Realizing a marked gap in the standard of living between people from industrialized countries and people from developing countries, it will be argued that ICT can help a county develop and raise its living standards.  However, before ICT can generate substantial benefits the presence of complementary and support factors are crucial.  Through the use of a case study on a multinational company in Senegal, a review of the ICT landscape of Senegal, and interviews, it will be demonstrated that developing countries have underdeveloped complementary factors and how this is an obstacle to successful technological diffusion


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Writting meaningful content


From ConsultativeSalesBlog.com Article from personal blog - The Consultaive Sales Blog.com.  This article goes over my personal journey of struggling with finding ways of creating meaningful content.  Tips of finding inspiration sources to fuel the content pipeline and how to make the content stand-out are just some of the challenges I discuss.


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Consultative Selling Factors 2/5: Present big picture... not Product


Part of series on Consultative Selling. Linked with the previous post, this article goes more into detail on the 2nd factor I consider important in consultative selling.  Make sure to present the value of your company and yourself.  Take time to show how you, your company and portfolio of solution will be a long-time partner and not a one time shot.


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Scuba diving & teaching - how it can enable your sales career


A recap of how my journey becoming a proffesional scuba diving teacher boosted my sales career years later - something I had not forseen.  The article goes over the elements that I learned in my transition and the positive impacts they had on developing my consultative sales skills.



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Consultative Selling Factors 1/5: Customer Speaks First


Part of series on Consultative Selling. Linked with the previous post, this article goes more into detail on the 1st factor I consider important in consultative selling.  Customer speaks first shows the rationale why customers should be the first to talk, in order to give the salesperson an opportunity get a better understanding who they are dealing with.  The goal of course, to make sure the solution proposed is best fitting and most likely of being bought by the customer.


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5 Factors to Consider In Consultative Selling


Part of series on Consultative Selling. Over the years working in consultative selling, I consider 5 factors: Customer Speaks First, Talk big picture - Not Products, Uniqueness, Promotion, Likeable as key for a successful consultative sales process.  The article over some fundamental steps to change from classic Relationship selling and then a high level overview of each factor.  Seperate posts will cover each factors more indepth and their individual rationale. 


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Travel Arrangers & IT Solutions: A Key for Success


Part of series on Trends in Travel Management Strategies.  Article goes over how Technology solutions can enable travel arrangers evolve in their role.  Article reviews how specifically Self Booking Tools (SBT) / Online Booking Tools (OBT) can help corporations in achieving great cost savings in direct and indirect costs.  And how travel arrangers can benefit from benefits of Automation & Simplicity that a SBT can offer.


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The Role of Travel Arrangers for Corporations Featured in Event in Belgrade, Serbia [Oct 2015]


Part of Blogs on Corporate Events. Article translated posted on Serbian business magazine on event I carried out in Belgrade, Serbia for top corporations of large local business travel agency. Theme of event covered:

  • Introduction to Amadeus
  • Trends in travel management and the Aim for Greater Savings
  • Evolution of Role of Travel Arrangers 
  • Self Booking Tools and the Importance for Travel Arrangers.


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Relationship vs. Consultative Selling


Part of series on Consultative Selling. Article as part of a series on Evolution of Sales and Consulative Selling.  This first one looks at the evolution and shift of moving from 'classic' or ' relationship' selling to 'consultative' or 'solution' or ' complex' selling.  In this shift we see the role of product evolution determining this need in change of sales approach.  No longer is selling in great part linked to a sales persons charima or how likeable he is.  Since the 1980's, analysis, customer intimacy, and technical knowledge are gaining equal importance in the sale cycle.


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Evolution of the Travel Arranger Role in Efficient Travel Management Strategies


Article as part of a series on Trends in Travel Management Strategies.  This article reviews the important role travel arrangers have in designing good travel management policies.  As part of the evolution and definition of sound travel management, travel arrangers can see an evolution in their role to better fulfill the needs of the corporation in balancing savings on their Travel & Expense budget while satisfying the need for business travel to survive in todays competitive economic situation.


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Corporate Travel Experts share Insights at special event in Athens, Greece [May 2015]


Part of Blogs on Corporate Events. Blog on corporate travel event held for CESE (Central, Eastern, and Southern Europe) travel agencies on business process optimization.  Blog summarizes some of the key points of the event, highlighting how travel agencies are evolving their core business models to satisfy new business travel demands from corporations, while protecting their revenue share with a shift from 'offline to online' travel management.


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